José Luis recently carried out a translation project for me from English into Spanish. It was a software package aimed at teaching members of staff from a large company how to manage their time effectively. José carried out this task diligently and with the greatest attention to detail. The work was delivered quickly and to the client’s satisfaction. I would not hesitate in employing José again and would recommend him to anyone who might need his services.

Françoise JL Jefferies MCIL CL
Strictly French

“Mr Rodríguez-Olveira has acted as an interpreter for us when carrying out food handler health screenings for Spanish workers. He is professional, courteous and able to translate sometimes complex medical conditions and questions without difficulty. On a personal note, he is a pleasure to work with.”

Nicki Finan,
Occupational Health Specialist. Health Initiatives.

“I commissioned Mr Rodríguez-Olveira with the translation of our Quality Manual to apply for ISO-9000. His work was excellent according to our customers. I was impressed with his professionalism and work ethics. I think that his knowledge and ability to translate avoiding literal translation shows his prowess as a translator and interpreter”.

Carlos Forján Roibal,
Erimsa (Mining Company)

Thank you so much for the “insightful “tutorial sessions that we had. You have become a real inspiration to me. What I most enjoyed about the sessions was not only, the valuable insight you were offering but also, providing an atmosphere for me that I could ask any questions no matter how trivial or even silly it was. For the first time, I had a chance to get some answers for my real daily difficulties that I was facing as an interpreter. A valuable insight from a professional interpreter. This was the reason which made this, unique for me.

Narges Fateh
DPSI Preparation course