Mission statement

My mission is to support my clients during the duration of their projects and help them to connect with their Spanish speaking counterparts in order to expand their business or achieve their goals.


Through coaching and mentoring, I will empower other professionals to advance in their career. Sessions will be practical, supportive and bespoke, taking into consideration current abilities and requirements.




Interpreting: consecutive and simultaneous






Contract abstraction

Contract abstraction refers to the summarisation of essential contractual data.

I will translate all key information within the document, highlighting all relevant clauses. 

Specialised Language Tutoring and Mentoring
for Translators and Interpreters

I can provide webinars on legal matters to individuals or groups, including, but not limited to, issues such as offences against the person, divorce, parental child custody and court processes. I will create webinars based on the discussions we have and your specific needs.

Public Service Translation:

I am currently in the process of creating an online non-language specific course for translators who would like to work in the Public Service. This will cover all relevant topics such as the types of documents you will see, the organisations you may work with and the requirements of the role. This course will comprise a number of one-to-one sessions as well as several English language written assessments. If you wish to receive further information, please contact me.

Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting and Sight Translation (English - Spanish) Practice.

I can provide sessions which are designed to help interpreters practise their skills in different settings, which will, in turn, build confidence when working on an assignment


(Test of Legal English Skills). This exam has been designed for non-English-speaking lawyers who work with English speaking countries. I will work with you to help you understand the nature and format of the exam and work towards developing your skills to achieve a successful outcome


(Occupational English Test – Health Services). This is the test required by several English-speaking countries to non-native applicants, which allows you to work in their countries. I’ll collaborate with you to ensure you fully understand the test’s structure and objectives, while also assisting you in honing your abilities to attain a positive outcome


I have recently completed these projects: