My name is
José Luis Rodríguez Olveira...

...and I am a Legal translator and Judicial and Business Interpreter Level 6, English and Spanish, Specialist in Law. I help Law Firms and Export Traders to communicate with clients abroad and expand their business. I also work closely with healthcare providers, interpreting in assessments and translating reports.


I have lived in Argentina, Spain and the United Kingdom and I am knowledgeable of the different courts and business settings needed by Law Firms, healthcare providers and Export Traders.

Why ‘The 1929 Studio’?

I chose the name The 1929 Studio because that is my mother´s birth year. She sent me to study English when I was 7 years old and it was thanks to that I developed a love for languages and they became my career. She is currently 94 years old and will probably outlive us all!

Why choose my services?

I have developed a reputation over the past 35 years for being a creative professional who pays attention to detail. I work very closely with my clients ensuring they receive the quality translation they expect. 


As an independent translator, interpreter and language trainer, I only offer the specialisations in which I am an expert.


Whether it is a bespoke project or you have an outcome in mind, I can tailor my services to meet individual needs, preferences and requirements.


I am contactable by e-mail and phone during regular working hours and I will reply within 24 hours to your enquiries. I will work as part of your team to achieve the completion of your project within the deadline set and to create a consistent terminology handbook for future translations.


I am a member of world-renowned organisations such as CIOL, IAPTI, ASETRAD and NAJIT.

years of experience



Legal Translation:

I have worked directly with courts, lawyers and export traders in the translation of sentences, witness statements, legal documents, divorce proceedings, commercial contracts, customs forms and declarations, among others.

Legal and business interpreting:

I have considerable experience interpreting during trials and questioning of suspects and during hearings in family courts as well as in confidential business meetings between Spanish speakers and foreign businessmen.

Health / Mental Health:

I have helped medical professionals interpreting during mental health assessments, confidential meetings with doctors and medical appointments. I have also translated many confidential reports and medical files.